Transportation and the environment

Our transportation system and our environment impact each other. Environmental management is an important part of the work we do, from avalanche control and monitoring the impact of weather on our infrastructure to taking measures to lower the impact our transportation system has on the environment.  

Active Transportation

The B.C. government aims to double the percentage of trips taken by active transportation by 2030. The friendly url for this web page is

Avalanche Safety Program

Our avalanche safety program keeps our roads and travellers safe. Staff constantly monitor conditions, and if the risk of an avalanche is too great, they will close and evacuate the highway until the danger is past.

Weather Network Program

The Weather Network Program’s mission is to provide effective environmental sensing services that support the safety and integrity of the provincial highways system.

Adopt a Highway

The Adopt a Highway program offers organizations and volunteer groups the opportunity to contribute to their community and province. Groups "adopt" a section of provincial highway to carry out or sponsor activities such as landscape beautification, litter pickup and identifying and reporting invasive plant species.

Invasive Species Roadside

Invasive species are species that are not native to the province, or are outside of their natural distribution, and can negatively impact British Columbia’s environment, people and/or economy. Our highway maintenance and construction contractors use these resources to help follow best practices at the roadside.

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Climate Action - Transportation

Through targeted legislation, investments in green infrastructure, activities in both commercial and residential transportation, and prudent planning for the future the B.C. government is taking steps to green its transportation systems.