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            1. Government of B.C.

              What you'll need

              • Government-issued identification for everyone in your household
              • Proof of citizenship or landed immigrant status


              The services below can help you:

              • Settle in B.C.
              • Buy or rent a home
              • Set up household utilities 
              • Get licensed to drive a car or motorcycle
              • Get government-issued identification
              • Register for B.C.'s Medical Service Plan (MSP) 
              • Find work in B.C.


              Find immigration services

              Immigration information, tools and resources for newcomers to B.C.

              Get a BC Services Card

              British Columbia-issued I.D. that provides access to B.C. government services.

              Apply for Medical Services Plan (MSP)

              Public health insurance for British Columbians and their dependents.

              Change your address

              Update personal and/or business records with multiple government organizations.

              Start driving in B.C.

              Get a B.C. driver's license, register your vehicle or get auto insurance with ICBC.

              Open or update a BC Hydro account

              Electrical service at your home or business with BC Hydro.

              Request land title search, change and transfer

              Land title search, registry, change and transfer services in British Columbia.

              Find a job in B.C.

              Browse job opportunities right where you want to live and work in B.C.

              Find a job with the B.C. government

              BC Public Service jobs for existing employees and external applicants.

              Register for BCeID

              Online ID for secure access to B.C. government services.


              Contact us Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5pm Pacific Time.

              Victoria: 1 250 387-6121
              Vancouver: 1 604 660-2421
              Outside Vancouver and Victoria: 1 800 663-7867
              Outside B.C.: 1 604 660-2421

              Telephone service for the deaf or hard of hearing: dial 711 or Text 1 604 660-2421

              Email: serviceBC@gov.bc.ca